Bamboo Dart Press is a collaborative marriage of Pelekinesis and Shrimper Records whose aim is to allow writers and artists to godspeed works into the physical world without the hoops and machinery of manufacturing that slow the process of finished to physical work in the world of books and LPs that are the day jobs of the two parent companies.

Mark Givens, owner of Pelekinesis, has published 75 books over the course of 10 years. In addition to his literary pursuits, he is a member of the art rock group Wckr Spgt and is the art director for Shrimper Records. Mark has been writing computer code and designing websites for over 20 years and harbors a deep love of layout, design, typography, art, and technology.

Dennis Callaci has issued hundreds of records, tapes, and CDs via his Shrimper label. Callaci’s first book, “100 Cassettes” was released by Pelekinesis in 2020. He is in the band Refrigerator and has three decades of experience issuing independent releases.

Givens and Callaci’s overlapping interests in the world of art, music and writing, along with their artist-friendly decades deep experience in the world of publishing and manufacturing, has birthed the idea of Bamboo Dart Press, a silver bullet in the world of arms; small, quick, nimble with no room for bullshit.