"Shoot the Man in the Tree" by Wckr Spgt

  • "Shoot the Man in the Tree" by Wckr Spgt

Wckr Spgt is 
Joel Huschle: Vocals 
Mark Givens: Guitar, Horns*, Tambourine, Sounds*, Harmonies 
Dave Carpenter: Bass, Guitars, Harmonies 
Kyle 'Tenderfoot' Brodie: Drums 

Steve "Folta": Harmonies (Unison), Spot Fixes


Arrangements by Wckr Spgt unless otherwise noted.

Recorded at Some Fancy Recording Facility in Claremont, CA
September-December 2005
Engineered by Steve Folta

Produced and Directed by Wckr Spgt
Songs by Wckr Spgt except
"Trash Car" by Jack Carpenter and
"Whisper Whisper" by Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb
All songs ©2005 Spgtmuzik Publishing except
"Whisper Whisper" (Gibb Brothers Music)

Artwork by Gus Fink

Special Thanks:
Berit, Trygve, Kim, Bridget, Scooter, Jack, Mikey, Sam Sam, and Persimmon.
Additional Thanks to:
Mr. Punchybuttons, The Peril Fairies, The Michael Stripes, Greg Harding, Roger Greatorex, Darrin Webb, Richard Patterson, Donkey Punch™, and Gus Fink.

©2005 Anal Garcia Records, a division of Wckr Spgt MultiMediums

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